I thought before I left off on my month of travels, I would write a little bit about this little city I love, and just happen to live in called Freiburg.

On the American scale, Freiburg is pretty small, but on the Lake Odessa scale, it's huge. Freiburg has about 200,000 people, but never feels that big. I see the same faces everyday, run into the "crazy man" a couple times of week, and I learn to appreciate this city more and more with every passing day.

Freiburg just has it's own little charm, a welcoming dialect, and has a beautiful setting on the edge of the Black Forest. It's right on the French/Swiss border, so it's so easy to catch the ICE to Paris, the Alps, or even Italy for the weekend.

Freiburg is also super green, and has some very impressive eco-friendly principles and structures as well.

At our farewell party this past December, we were trying to pinpoint why we all loved Freiburg so much. We concluded: "It's a great place to live in, in every stage of life."
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