Endlich wieder zu Hause

I'm finally back and settled in. It feels good to be "back home" and to sleep in "my own bed" as strange as it sounds.

I've started a new internship at a Geigenbauer (luthier's). I'm learning basic woodworking skills, stringed-instrument repairs, and the art of violin building. I'm so thankful to have this great experience. The two guys that own the shop are such passionate teachers, and keep no secrets from me. They love to show me the trade and I love learning. I'm such a tomboy ;)

Right now I'm working on planing a block of wood to exact measurements (down to a 1/500mm!). It's harder than it sounds. Spruce sucks. I've named my piece of wood "Michael Jackson," because although he has many cosmetic flaws, I still love him anyways :D

Today was 65 and absolutely beautiful. I love Freiburg, even when the weather isn't nice, but I won't complain if Spring comes a little early this year ;)
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