Firenza, Day 6: “The 18 Euro Gelato.”

Firenza reminds me a lot of Freiburg. Narrow streets, cute shops that close early, and just it’s own adorable charm. The only thing I’m a little disappointed with, is that it’s a little dirtier than I expected, and very crowded. The 18 Euro Gelato put a damper on things too…
Ab and I decided to get some gelato for lunch. We didn’t bother to ask, and figured it’d be 3-4 Euros, since Florence was pretty touristy, and boy did we pay for that mistake. Two gelatos came to 18 Euros!!! I about had a heart attack! That’s more than one night in a hostel! What a tourist trap!
Abbie and I will be eating the free breakfast, skipping lunch, and enjoy the free pasta dinner at our hotel for the remainder of Florence, lol.
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