Roma, Day 3: “Ciao bella.”

Every morning, I’m greeted by “CIAO BELLA!” and offered a cappuccino and breakfast by the friendly staff of Hotel Lodi. They are so nice, genuine, compassionate, and loving. Hotel Lodi is family-run, and you can tell they’re a tight-knit family.
I met Justin, who was from Canada. We somehow got on the topic of cameras, and I found out he had a Hasselblad 500 series! We went to the Colosseum together and took a million pictures. We went back to Hotel Lodi for a break to upload some pics, and Fabriosio (one of the staff) asked us if we were hungry. We said yes, and he cooked us the most AMAZING, DELICIOUS pasta I’ve ever eaten in my life! Thick, homemade noodles in a tangy sauce with fresh oysters, tomatoes, and meat. Yummmmm!
Later that night, Marius, Justin, Max (Great Britain), and I sat in the kitchen and shared a bottle of red wine. I’m getting to see some pretty cool things, and go some pretty cool places while traveling, but it’s being completely overshadowed by the wonderful people I’m meeting. I love Italia.
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