Firenza, Day 8: “Drink your coffee standing up.”

Tip #2 (after Tip #1: Ask the price before you buy): Drink your coffee standing up. Otherwise, you will get a service charge of around 2 Euros per person. Your 1 Euro shot of espresso shortly turn into three.
We were headed on the train from Florence to Milan, in route back to Freiburg, when we sat next to the cutest, old, matching (Purple, of course), Italian couple. They couldn’t speak a word of English, and us Italian (with the exception of my German-Italian phrasebook), but we somehow managed to carry on a broken, schrade-like conversation for the whole 2 ½ hour train ride. They reminded me so much of Ulf and Vera. Mari, the lady, was very proper, and slightly embarrassed by her husband, Bino, who was extremely animated, loud, and absolutely hilarious!
We got out pictures taken with them in the end, and I said “É stato veramente un piacere conoscerti,” or in English “It was great getting to know you.”
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